The Soul Thrivers are undoubtedly one of the most original bands on the current Urban Soul / Neo Blues scene. They use raw, handmade Soul, Country Blues, Neo Blues and Gospel Roots sounds to explore traditional and original compositions, awakening spirits and taking the audience on a journey through time and space.

Dvora Davis leads this very unique band with soul and power. Originally from U.K with Jamaican and Indian roots, she is an outstanding internationally established jazz artist, performing artist, composer/ lyricist / singer songwriter, who has been charming audiences with her stunning voice and charasmatic presence, Dvora Davis also has a strong history to the present day, as an electronic music producer writer and vocalist.

She has a unique warm and dynamic voice, she takes hold of you everytime. It is a one of a kind voice that rings out loud and true, whatever she sings you believe. She is a storyteller, a strong songwriter and live performer.

10 years ago Dvora founded and fronted the band Soul Thrivers, alongside Adam Sikora. Adam Sikora has now moved onto his own solo career. 

Dvora Davis is now the soul co-founder and front woman of Soul Thrivers with three albums behind her the most recent one being Morning Glory released on Timezone Records September of last year, which by the way has had great reviews ! Dvora has been honoured not just for her powerful warm unique vocals but also her outstanding songwriting. She will continue to perform songs from Morning Glory as well as songs from You Better Watch and even as far back as Gypsy Life which boasts anthems such as Everythings Changed also re produced and rereleased on the ‘Morning Glory’ album. Dvora will continue to keep her foot firmly planted in Soul Thrivers traditional roots of Gospel, Urban Soul, Neo Blues and also traditional Blues so watch out for her. She continues to work with an outstanding collective of musicians those of which she has been working with in the past and will continue to work with in the future. With this fine collective of musicians, and Dvora’s captivating and powerful live performance, Soul Thrivers is guaranteed to rock any house !

Dvora & Adam | Photo – Stephan Rabold

Dvora Davis, Adam Sikora & Nick Morrison | Photos by Maciek Soja

Photos by Magdalena Handerek