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Soul Thrivers – In August 2018, Eve and ALTAMANN experienced the Soul Thrivers for the first time. Back then at the Good Husband’s blues session at Hannes Café in Kladow, a first-class event. On that day they played as a trio with their front woman Dvora Davis, Nicholas Morrison and Adam Sikora. At this event, they took the audience’s breath away with their mix of country blues, roots, gospel, folk, neo blues and soul. Because their slot at this event was simply the very best.

Soul Thrivers live at the Hafenbar Tegel, Berlin

A lot has changed since then, the Blues Session no longer exists and the Soul Thrivers have also changed a lot in terms of personnel. They still played together in the original line-up for the production of their last album ‘Morning Glory’ and now the band has a completely different look. ‘Everythings Changed’ – everything has changed, as one song on the aforementioned album says, and the Soul Thrivers have not been spared.

Dvora Davis with a strong voice and energetic performance
Has everything changed? No, Dvora Davis is continuing with the Soul Thrivers and has therefore gathered new comrades-in-arms around her. And with Mauro Pandolfino (guitar/back vocals), Alessandro Bonzo Guida (drums), Norman Winkler (bass/back vocals) and Jonah Schwickert (keyboards), she has obviously shown a very good hand, because this ensemble works extremely well. The musicians routinely supported the singer in her programme, as if they had been playing together in this line-up for years. Keyboardist Jonah Schwickert, who made his debut with the band at this concert, also fitted in seamlessly with the group and delivered an absolutely excellent performance together with his band colleagues.

Dvora Davis, with her strong voice, her energetic performance and her very personal way of addressing the audience, quickly became the centre of the evening. She had no trouble captivating the audience and involving them in the show. And so she never had to ask for long to be supported by the concert guests during her performance. The guests eagerly joined in, sang along, danced lively, clapped to the rhythm and had a lot of fun with the band.

At no point during the concert did Eve and the ALTAMANN get bored, even if the first part of the performance was a little quieter and more dignified. In the second set, Dvora Davis and her band really turned up the heat and showed what she is capable of as a singer.

The Soul Thrivers are a real asset to the Berlin blues scene and completely won over even the blues sceptics present among the guests that evening. We say: ‘Always happy to play again!’ 😉

Published by (DE) am 29.05.2024 in der Hafenbar Tegel, Berlin…die Soul Thrivers sind eine echte Bereicherung der Berliner Blues-Szene und haben an diesem Abend auch die unter den Gästen anwesenden Blues-Skeptiker vollends überzeugt. Wir sagen: „Immer wieder gerne!“ …..


the brand new album MORNING GLORY :

The blues is always the same anyway.
Three chords for a lamenting hallelujah. – for those unfamiliar with the subject.

often make an unqualified statement along these lines. After all music is always worth a thousand words, you should always have a CD like this one for such cases: Soul Thrivers, an international trio from Berlin that was expanded to a septet for the studio recordings, are clearly a blues band. The British singer Dvora Davis, the Polish-born harmonica player Adam Sikora and the French-American guitarist Nick Morrison have however, opted for a contemporary style that combines southern soul, neo-soul, restrained country twang and rock and pop. Remarkable is the repetitive, groovy and hypnotic character of many of the songs, which in combination with Dvora Davis’ warm, soft soul voice, is reminiscent of trip hop a la Morcheeba.
There are no epic solos only atmospheric songs by the protagonists, who all play several instruments. Particularly appealing are the musical splashes of colour from Hammond organ and blues flute. A llvely and organically recorded disc that can be forgiven for minor impurities. The only real shortcoming, despite all the stylistic diversity, are the songs, which are mainly mid-tempo, sometimes lack variety over the length of the album.
Four Stars
Dirk Föhrs

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